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squeaking noise coming from rear end NEED HELP!!

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alrite so ive got a 94 mustang. its keeps on making a squeaking noise from the rear end. my step dad and i replaced the u-joints on the driveshaft because of the squeaking and one of the u-joints was completley shot basically. but we replaced both of the u-joints and its still making the noise. so if anyone has any idea of what the noise might be coming from please help. because im stuck at a dead end here. btw if its any help my stepdad said if needed to be exact the noise sounds like its coming from some where around the pinon or something like that. but anyways plz help. thx
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Does the noise happen when you're in motion or hit a bump?
its usually whenever the car is in motion but ive never noticed it on a bump just when im in motion
How long have you had the car? Has it squeaked since you bought it? If so do you know the previous owner to find out if he replaced any rear end parts and if so what? Did you replace the rear end bushings, springs, spring isolators etc? Do you have any grease points on the rear end? Has the car been lowered have aftermarket control arms or polyurethane bushings? How loud is the squeak?

Anything that you think was changed with the suspension would give a better understanding of exactly where the squeak is coming from.

Some aftermarket bushing kits squeak a little if not greased properly.

******Before you try this let someone weigh in on this idea that is knowledgeable.********************

Maybe spray some dry lubricant (make sure it can be used on rubber and polyurethane) on the rear control arm busing, and then drive it. If the squeak goes away bingo. If not spray on the springs near the isolators (I think thats what they are called, the plastic stuff at top and bottle and sleeve inside). If that doesn’t work the shock mount points.

WD 40 is not the best lubricant (Water Displacement)

****again let someone knowledgeable weigh in first****

My guess would be it is your suspension or you sat on a gerbil that is trying to call for help

I am not a mechanic just seen a lot a squeaky cars riding around. Most have different rims (22"s and such) and suspension mods because of the rims.

Anyway I hope this helped

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