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OK get this.. ALLLLL my friend have ricers.. or something like it.. you know those cars you buy with turbos on them.. like evos , STi's and Str-4's.

so one of the fools with an Srt-4 thinks he can take me soooo bad. all he gots is an intake and a new blow off valve..

Me.. I have a cold air into the fender, 3 1/2 inch piping from headers to cats.
and flowmasters and on top of that. he isnt a best driver...
what do you think yo uguys think i can take him ?
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don't know. would help to know what you are driving. :?:
sorry forgot to mention it.. i have a 91 GT 5.0 mustant..
Your Toast. My sons SRT-4 with just a manual BOV($85) turned [email protected] and had a 2.32 60'. The SRT-4 is fast and really handles and even a crappy driver goes fast. lol
really now..I have a lot of people telling my different. but ill see whats up when i go for it.
What have you been told. I am just curious. You take a stock 2500lb car that dynos at 219whp you have a fast car. Just remember someone always has something faster.
Yeah i think you're going to get owned lol.

I've raced one when i had an e-303, cai, edelbrock intake manifolds, headers, offroad pipe and a shift kit and i still got my butt kicked....
I don't think u have enough mods either do i but thats okay im just 16. Those cars are fast for stock cars faster than a stock mustang like ours. Sorry bro
wow you guys dont believe in the muscule power.. well i just got back from racing him and we raced 3 times.

the first time he beat me by a good 2 CAR LANE..
i think it was because i had a pad launch, i was burning out for a good 2 secs..

the basically th last 2 times i won him by a hood. and 3rd time by a car.. with people there to spotting.
Nice job dude but he was right there with you so you didn't have that much muscle. But atleast you beat him with a mustang so he won't mess with any more mustangs any time soon. MUSTANGS RULE
thanks even though a lot had doubts. but i honestly think i can beat him by at least 2 cars if i had a better lauch...
Good Job!!!

Stick that in the pseudo ricer!!!!!!:sterb:
thanks a lot whatrs a pseudo ricer tho.. lol
JEB said:
Good Job!!!

Stick that in the pseudo ricer!!!!!!:sterb:
An SRT4 is a fine example....So was the SVT Focus.

People do horrible things to those, like ugly ground efx, ricer lights and so on, making them into "Pseudo Ricers" (American made Japanese looking cars).

Well, the Dodge is German owned, I don't call them American anymore.....
Stang1187 said:
thanks a lot whatrs a pseudo ricer tho.. lol
Oh Nice.. i get it.. Ha..
Ya, and think about it, all that money he spent on a brand new car, you could be spending on mods. in the long run he is still trying to catch up to you even if he's faster. cause yours costed a lot less. Mustangs, fast for cheap. cept me, i'm poor and slow.
remember the age of our cars and those SRT4's, i highly doubt they're gonna last over 150k with that turbo in there. i got 245K on my old motor and i was neck and neck with one with 2.73 gears. slap a turbo on a mustang u would blow all four doors off that thing even givin him a head start. I just put in a sn95 motor built from top to bottom so we'll see what happens when i get this thing running for the summer time, and of course better gears :handball:
now that youve raced him, youve found your major weakness: traction.

make sure that as you build up your motor, you build your suspension.
tons of power is useless without good traction.

if your into drag racing, build a drag suspension.
invest in some drag struts/shocks (or adjustable ones) as well as some rear control arms, maybe a panhard bar. jegs also makes these things called "jegster traction arm relocators" that bolt into where the stock upper ccontrol arms are, and are basically a new mounting tab that relocate the control arms mounting point to a higher location, which puts the rear end under some downward pressure, increasing your traction.

maybe some good drag radials as well.
Wow, that really surprises me. Mebbe the srt-4 i raced wasn't so stock.

This wednesday my 3.73's will be put on and my tweecer will be in in about a week, mebbe it's finally time i hit the track lol.

Any ideas of how i'd fare for a 1/4? With the mods listed below?
My friend with a 01 cobra (stock, exhaust/cai) lost 3 times in a row to a srt-4 with a slightly bigger turbo on it. And the srt-4 had 3 people in the car.
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