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Srt Kill

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so coming home from down town on fri night, yes i had a few but still fine. come up to an srt and he has been waiting for me. i knew i could take the guy, i got 300 to the wheels with my mods, but i know i needed a rolling start so i wouldn't burn out bc, of the 4.10's and stock tires. so luckly at the next light there are a few people ahead of us. i shift the auto to 1, turn tcs off. and we roll off the line slowly and get some space ahead of us. shift to 2 and at 20 we go, he stayed with me for about 2 sec then i'm gone. then we got to the cars ahead of us, man was he pissed. he didnt even want to try again. he just lagged behind.

so if your going to race, set the terms is my advice.
by the way, if felt so good.
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SRT what? Which model?

Good job regardless!:winks
NoSlow5oh said:
LOL, yeah all the SRTs are doing the RWD conversions down here. Big mod. Great results. All the guys are lovin' it. Girls can't get enough of it.
You needs to lay off the "huff tank" homie.
WRB STi said:
Hahaha and where is this at.
He was kidding....
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