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Staggered Wheel Help

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Hey everyone! I have a 2011 GT and just ordered this exact setup which is pictured. These are the SVE SP2 wheels staggered. This car in the photo is running 265/40/19's in the front and 305/35/19's in the rear. I ordered the same setup along with Nitto's (no white stickers 😂). The reason I did not want 285's in front is because the overall diameter if you look at the measurements is nearly exactly the same size when you run this combo. Do you think this setup would be ok or will I have handling issues?
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It's not the ideal setup if you plan to do a lot of 10/10ths cornering (these cars are nose heavy and work the front tires pretty hard) but it isn't going to cause any dangerous handling issues. The car will simply be more prone to understeer than if you had gone with 305s all around.
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