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Stalling problems on 1968 Mustang 302

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so my problems have gotten even more bigger. So problems started with the car not being able to shut off correctly, so turned down the curb idle screw and adjusted the timing to 6 degrees.

When adjusting the timing the car would not stay on and would idle rough. I plugged the vacum advance to the distributor and checked for leaks but nothing, still would turn off.

I also adjusted the idle mixture screws, because it was running to rich. As i drove my car to my girlfriends house my car shut off in the middle of the street and would not stay on, only would stay on if i pressed on the gas.

I dont know what could be going on, has anyone had this problem?:headscratch:
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Hello jb36lb,
it sounds certainly like a fuel problem. My first guess is the float/s
are sticking

The not shutting off is probably run-on (often caused by fuel dumping into the motor from carb. The first thing I would do is change the fuel filter if the carb has one.

More importantly it would help to know what carb you have.
Stock - 2 or 4 barrell or is it a Holley or Carter etc.

If we knew what type of carb we could offer more suggestions on this forum......Print Dad
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sorry took me so long to get back on this, and im also sorry for the amount of descirption in my last post. The car has 302, with a 4 barrel carb, 570 cfm holley street avenger. I looked at the filters in the carb, looked new, i changed the one thats on the fuel line and still had the same problem.

Thinking back i remember having this problem start one morning, and found that i had a vacumm leak from a broken rubber cap. From that point on it all went down hill. So now that i checked the fuel filters and no luck, I dont know if I should start checking the distributor and the distributor cap? Or should i just dump the carb and get another one that might work better in street performance?
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I wouldn't change the carb rght away. Those holley street avengers are awsome carbs, have good experience with them. Bad experience with the 80457 Holley's. Do the basics first. Try this out .. Try timing with 5. If that doesn't work, change it to 8.

Try that first.. remember 6 is for stock engines. If engine is moded a bit advance it to 8.

That little adjustment makes a huge difference... watch for the sound of the squeeling belt... dont want that.. means timing will be off.

I bet you this is a problem with your timing, not carb. Dual fuel inlet with avengers .. you wouldn't have a problem getting fuel in there.
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just a quick question, on the street avenger theres a live that is called a full vaccum line, and was wonderign where this should be connected to, right now the line is connected into another line that goes to the intake manifold. When i disconnected this line to check for vaccum, it seemed both line were sucking in air, so if both were placed together they would be both in some sense sucking air against each other. thanks
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