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Standard or Deluxe

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Could someone tell me the different between standard and deluxe 68 coupe.
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The interior would probably the biggest part of it. What is different is the upholstery, the door trim and a few other odds and ends.
Thanks Rodbender. Mind has pb with disc in front, ps, a/c, but just the standard comfort weave upholstery. The info is appreciated.
I think the armrests are different. The Deluxe has a separate pull strap to close the door. More courtesy lights including lights in the lower door panel. Wood grain instrument panel. Two tone seats. Mine has ivy seat inserts with gold outer panels. Headrests. Tinted glass. Deluxe seat belts. Mine has a console but I do not know if that part of the "Deluxe" decor interior package.
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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