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Starting Problems

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What up! I have been working on my 89 2.3l and I just want to verify it's either my starter or solenoid that needs to be replaced.
A few weeks ago I was in drive-thru turning my car on and off to keep it from overheating (not fan currently) and I accidently hit my ignition while the car was already running. Didn't make a difference until I shut the car off again and then it wouldn't start back up. Had my in-law meet us and jumping the battery didn't help. The next morning when I went to work on finding the problem it started right up.
I drove it for another week or 2 with sporadic starting issues until it would not start again. I had no ignition issues before this. The last time we tried jumping it, the wires to the solenoid started smoking.
Since then I re-timed the car, changed oil, tightened down 2 loose spark plugs, checked my grounds and checked my ignition switch. It will start most of the time and runs a lot better but when I was helping my mom move yesterday I couldn't get it to start again. But for the first time when I hit the ignition instead of just a slow crank it made my Bass let out this harsh hum and fried my radios BT function. I disconnected my Bass system and made no difference.

Would all these symptoms be starter related or something I am not seeing? I read about heatsoaking starters but seems odd that becomes an issue now.

Thanks in advance everyoneđź‘Š
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