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Steeda Has Tokico

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on their website, first page middle. the fully adjustable ones. anyone know anything about these. i have the eibach pro kit, and want new struts/shocks but dont know which ones to get. mine is a daily driver by the way. does eibach have some. are tokico better. and who offers eibach sway bars, i know they have them but cant find a seller anywhere.

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Come On Someone Reply
I have just received the Tokico struts/shocks and will be having them installed next week. Having done all the Steeda suspension stuff, the stock struts/shocks needed to be replaced. I got them from Cost was $599.95 shipping included. They look to be very high quality and are easily adjustable. They are only recently available so there's not too many that will have experience with them. I'll let you know next week after the installation. I'm having the brakes upgraded with slotted/cross drilled rotors and I'm having my calipers polished so the shock/brake thing will take some time. If you are thinking about doing some of the Steeda suspension mods. I can tell you that it transforms an already great handling car to an outstang handling car. The road feel is considerable, but the ride is not harsh. Stay tuned
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