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steering issues on 91

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I recently bought a 1991 LX. It had caster/camber plates on it when I bought it. I noticed that when I steer to any direction, the car does not come back to straight on its own. It will come back to almost straight but not all the way. If I didnt manually steer the car back to straight, I would turn into the curb. Also, when I hit the brakes, the car wants to jerk to the right. Could these issues be related to the caster/camber plates not adjusted correctly? If it is, are there any guides anywhere on how to adjust them?

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Sounds like your steering system (tie rods and power steering rack) could be seriously shot. I would inspect the tie rods first. Goodyear will check out your car free of charge , just dont let them do the repairs.
you also need to check the brakes for a sticky or frozen caliper.
OK, so I replaced the tie rod ends and the power steering rack. It still does not steer back to straight after turning left or right. What else could it be. Also, now the power steering makes a noise like it is low on steering fluid when I turn the wheel. It is not low on fluid though. I have bled the system by turning the wheel as far as it can go back and forth. What is going on now? Thanks ahead of time!!
The pump is making that noise. The driving issues sound like a bad alignment. If your balljoints and control arm bushings(front and rear) are OK, proceed to the alignment shop. Failure to straighten out on its own is a caster issue. Pulling to one side under braking, could also be a torn A arm bushing on that side.
When you bleed the power steering system, you don't want to hit the stops. Actually, you never want to hit the stops. That groaning sound which happens (or gets worse:laughlitt ) when you hit the stops, is the pump straining against the fluid which is no longer circulating.
2 more questions...

1. How do I get rid of that pump noise now?

2. Can it be that the caster is off. When I bought the car it already had caster camber plates on it. I'm not sure how it is set up.

I have to get this fixed, it is driving me crazy. Here is another thought. Could this be caused by the car being in an accident?
When the pumps get old, they sound like that all the time. Replacement is the right way, (something else to swap over.)
Failure to straighten is a sign of incorrect caster.
Could be the car was wrecked, and couldn't be aligned, so they put the c/c plates on it. If the chassis isn't too far out of jig-specs, a good alignment shop should be able to make it perfect with those plates. Maybe the plates are on backwards or something...
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