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Steering stops?

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Hey guys! Just a quick question...I am looking at these wheels(link below) and it says that any wheels 8.5 or wider need steering stops on the 2005 Mustang GT. I have read in other sources that you do not need these stops because people run 9 wides in the front and do not need stops. Whoever has these wheels or anyone that can help me... Do you need stops on these wheels? Also if you do need stops, is it because its a 8.5 inch wheel meaning only wheels that have a .5 inch wheels need stops? Thanks much appreciated!!!!
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What it

If your car comes stock with 16's then use the one style steering stop.
If equiped with 17's then use steering stop; then it list the part you need.

It really has nothing to do if it's a GT but what wheel came on the car from the factory.

I run 18x 9inch in front and 18x10's out back because I have a GT that I ordered with 18's and it has the proper stop from the factory.

T Wayne

The reason it says that is the offset on those wheels is all screwed up. Those wheels will be way inside the fenders and IMO look like crap. In addition to that why buy aftermarket rims and not get some that have some decent width to them?

Check these out. You could run 9" wide ones out front and 10" out back. And the offsets will have them sticking out closer to the edge of the fenders which will look a LOT better:

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I would go with 18x10's at all 4 corners with 275mm wide tires all the way around myself.:bigthumbsup
I agree I went with a set of GT500 take off's and ordered a set of GT center caps. I have a GT not a SVT so no Cobra badging for me.

The steering stops that came factory for my 06 GT/P did not need changed as they work with this wheel and tire set up.

As Squidd stated the tire will meet the lip of the fender wells and this and the steering stops was a question when I decided to swap them out. Not a Racer but they made a huge improvement.

With the extra mass of the wheel and tires I would replace the front sway bar end links and a nice set of struts and strut mounts and shocks a nd LCA's out back. You will enjoy the car more and the endlinks and strut mounts will start making noise in time. Plus Ford updated the endlinks and strut mounts.

CDC in Michigan has the Struts for 140bucks shipped Dynamic/FRPP style. Summit Racing has the FRPP upper strut mounts for 112 bucks shipped. With a good wheel and tire combo would make for a nice ride.

Hope this Helps.

T Wayne
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Just scroll through Suidd's Threads. I have based alot of my MODS off his Post and Threads and my budget. It will be a Education and a tool for you.

T Wayne
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