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Steering stops?

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Hey guys! Just a quick question...I am looking at these wheels(link below) and it says that any wheels 8.5 or wider need steering stops on the 2005 Mustang GT. I have read in other sources that you do not need these stops because people run 9 wides in the front and do not need stops. Whoever has these wheels or anyone that can help me... Do you need stops on these wheels? Also if you do need stops, is it because its a 8.5 inch wheel meaning only wheels that have a .5 inch wheels need stops? Thanks much appreciated!!!!
2005-2013 BLACK MUSTANG GT WHEEL | Part Details for M-1007-S1885B* | Ford Racing Performance Parts
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Mine came with the 17's but i want to upgrade to those wheels i showed.
Did you have to get a different stop because your running 18x9 a wider wheel?
Thanks Guys! Much Appreciated!
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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