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Stereo Pictures:

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with news of the TripTunes Ford thing just being another FM Modulator, I'm thinking of changing the Shaker500. Keeping all the speakers. Just want a stereo where I can use my iPod. Does anyone have pictures of an aftermarket stereo installed. Would like the double sized din ones that are full screen. But they are any pictures of the stereos?

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Here is my Kenwood DDX7015


Check around over at TMS there are a few threads there of people's stereos. I know for sure that there are pics of the Eclipse system, and I think there are some pictures of a Pioneer system as well.
byoung2 said:

There is more to life than just the iPod! The GPS is a very useful tool...I got it for the coolness factor, but I find I use it more and more these days. And there is no substitute for watching DVD's in the car! Even movies I wouldn't watch at home! Now isn't worth $1200, I don't know what is! I added on Sirius and a Kenwood Music Keg (yeah it's old school, but I already had it sitting in my closet).
We got the same stereo setup :gringreen . I don't have the music keg yet, but what the heck. Hardly noticable with Sirius playing all the time. And if I just HAVE to listen to something else, I can always just throw a DVD with 4.7gig of MP3s in, or throw in a concert video DVD!! Which GPS did you get? I got the 4100. Another GPS question. Know how often Kenwood updates their map software and where to get it?
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