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Stereo System Problem in 97' Stang.

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Ok so here's the situation. I've had the car for about 1 month and a half now. It's had like 5 owners. I've been driving almost everyday. like 30 of the last 35 days. I was driving last week, and I noticed that there was a small staticy noies coming from all my speakers. I turned the music up, and the buzzing gets worse. But here's the weird thing. My right front speaker has never worked. And When I change the fade too Front left, Rear left, and Rear right, I get no static at all. But as soon as I use all of them, the static comes back. It just randomly happened I think while I was driving.

Here is another weird thing: When the car is only running on the battery, not fully on, all 3 speakers sound fine at the same time at max volume.

Obviously my speakers are not blown.

I also have two wires in the back of my trunk that were probably hooked up to subs. In the trunk I also have a JVC 12 disc changer.

Thats about all the details I have.

Can someone please give me some insight I can't listen to music above volume 18 without hearing static noise. Please help.
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Also I have these 2 speakers or subs that I can see from my trunk. They say Ford so im assuming they are speakers, not subs.
Likely it's a dirty volume control. Get some of this:

RadioShack® TV Tuner Cleaner
Model: 6404315-1 | Catalog #: 64-148

RadioShack® TV Tuner Cleaner -

Or some other product made to clean electric volume controls. Works best if sprayed directly into the volume control. Note, some disassembly required.

Likely the right speaker will work after the fade is cleaned as well.
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Thanks for the product but Im not really sure where I would spray it..?
The volume control is the "thingy" directly behind the knob that you turn to change the volume. As stated, likely it will be necessary to take the radio apart to get to the volume control. The product has to be spayed INSIDE the control to do any good. Spraying on the control is just going to risk ruining the radio.

A typical volume control looks like this. See the holes in the control? The aim of this is to spray/clean the resistor and contact slider inside.
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OK so I disassembled the radio, but there is no way to get to the volume control. There's no way to take the knob off I dont think. My Jvc is only like 7 innches long and maybe 1/2 wide because it's after market. So what should I do?
Pictures would be nice so that we can understand the issue.

If there isn't really anyway to get to the volume control, the options I see are:
  • attempt to work the control back and forth as sometimes this will "clean" the contacts well enough to work.
  • live with it.
  • "new to you" salvage radio
  • new aftermarket radio
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