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Description: The TwEECerRT is an adapter which connects to the J3 service port of a Ford EEC PCM (see list of supported processors on our Products page), giving you the ability to substitute parameters in the calibration data with parameters that match the modifications which you have made to your engine combo. So as you add performance to your car, you can easily match the EEC's calibration to your combo.
TwEECer RT can datalog in realtime.
Data from the TwEECer RT will be retrieved at 10sps [samples per second] and can be recorded for playback and/or just viewed in real time. Below is a list of many of the variables which are available and are read directly from the EEC. You can log up to 16 of the items listed below, in any given logging session and you will always get 10sps (samples per second).

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