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Stock 1998 Mustang GT, looking for mod suggestions.

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Hey, guys.

Looking for suggestions as far as reasonably affordable mods go.

I had to wait until I was eighteen to get my car, and boy, was it worth the wait.

It's a completely stock automatic, and while I love my car to death, a few more horses wouldn't hurt.

So, I know you guys are the ones to ask, where should I start?

Despite hearing mixed reviews, I was considering a tuner in the next year, I'd also like to know what brand of tuner I should use once the time comes.

My ultimate goal is to get this GT up to 300 horses in the next two years, while I save most of my money for my love, an '03-'04 Cobra. :nogrinner
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Thanks, guys!

I read through a few other threads and I thought the gears would be recommended first, I've heard you can get them done for around 500-600, depending on your area?

I'll start shopping around, then.

I'll look in to the SCT Tuners, thanks for the tip there.

You guys are a big help, the exhaust system will be coming up in there, too.

I want that classic rumble, but first I want a little bit of power to go with the flash.

Again, thanks for your help!
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