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Hey guys, need a little help/advice figuring out what the most likely cause of the P0171 code being thrown at me post spark plug change.

I did the change with stock heat rating plugs and idle/throttle response are much improved. Here's my rundown of thoughts on the issue:

1: I didn't have this problem prior to changing the plugs, so I'm wondering if I knocked loose the MAF sensor when I disconnected my intake to get the passenger side.

Except: From my understanding, P0171 is a passenger side ONLY code, so maybe I knocked a vacuum hose loose and didn't notice (obviously I'll check it regardless) facepalm2.gif

2: Prior to the Spark Plug change I had run BG44K through the system, not long after, I got a misfire which (fortunately) reminded me that it's been too long since the plugs have been changed. So after checking vacuum hoses, I'm thinking the next most likely is a gunked up injector.

In This Case: I don't know what the cost would be to have a mechanic clean them, or if it would be safe doing it myself (If I have the tools to do it, and I always research before I touch the pony.)

So I'm looking for some input, alternate options, etc. If there's any information that would help, just let me know and I'll provide it.

Thanks in advance!

P.S. As a side note, is it possible that a gimped plug wire could throw this code? The boots were pretty badly stuck on that side and I had to do a LOT of finagling to get the rear two passenger plug boots off, so I'm a little worried I may need to replace the plug wires.
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