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Stock 2010 V6 exhaust transformation

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Hey guys and gals,

I thought I'd post some videos of my exhaust as it went from bone stock to dual GT takeoffs. I watched tons of videos before I did this, so hopefully these videos help some other people! :bigthumbsup

2010 V6 Ford Mustang-Completely stock besides for these exhaust changes

YouTube - Stock Exhaust-2010 Mustang V6

YouTube - No muffler-2010 V6 Ford Mustang

YouTube - Single GT Takeoff-2010 Ford Mustang V6

DUAL GT EXHAUST-Straight pipes(no X or H pipe)
YouTube - Dual GT Takeoffs-2010 Ford Mustang V6
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P.S. In the video with the SINGLE GT TAKEOFF....ignore my friend: he said GT takeoff headers by accident. He meant GT takeoff muffler.
very nice:bigthumbsup
sounds good. i kinda liked how it sounded with no mufflers at all but thats just me. i love the sound of straight pipes:kooky::yup:.
Very nice :) Glad to see more V6 owners going with a dual exhaust setup. Hope you love it! Wake up the neighbors for me.
Thanks guys for the compliments. Yeah I really love the look of the Mustang with dual exhaust.

Just to straight through pipes I meant no X or H pipe, I still have GT takeoff Mufflers on both sides.
I installed the NewTakeOff true duals kit on July 4th and I love it, I F*^ked up the drivers side cutout because of the template instructions are a little off for the 2010 V6 (atleast the template that came with mine) But installed a GT rear valance Yesterday and looks so much nicer. :bigthumbsup
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