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Stories from a 6'er (long)

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Yes! This has been a fun past few days to say the least. Last night I picked up some new music from iTunes cause I got one of those gift cards from my Aunt, and so all day I've been rockin out and in a good mood. Well, on my lunch break I headed into town to hit McDonalds and go burn off some gas... Well, I'm rockin out with this good mood and bunny hopping at every light in town, and I noticed at one stop light there was a big 'ol ford dualie pickup (95 F-250 or soemthing, didn't really get a good look) But it was big, red, and loud. So, not really wanting to race at this point, I was just hopping around from light to light, well I jump on green and I fly to the next light, and this dualie pulls up next to me and roars his exhaust (I could see he had side exhaust the size of my fist installed on his pickup) and lucky for me it was on his driver's side, so I got a good blast of smoke from this guy. So I'm lookin for the other lights to go yellow and I get ready to launch on this guy, not really sure what I'm up against, but always happy to play with the big dogs. Our light goes green and I punch it and so did he...
I got him off the line because he had NO traction. His truck was hopping around on the road like crazy and then here he came! I had it floored and was praying for deliverance and I got it in the form of a yellow light at the next intersection! I blew through and quickly got out of sight from the big mean pickup :laughlitt:
It was quite a rush, more so than a race with a car. I remember seeing him bouncing around at the start, then next thing I know he's in my rearview and the earth is rumbling all around us. (yikes)

Hmm, not so sure its an actual "kill" but I did beat him to the next light, so thats saying something, right? Oh well, still fun! :D
This weekend was fun too!
My friend Katelyn made it home from her school this weekend and we went cruisin around in her Black 05 GT Special Edition (red leather, the works) And here we are, minding our own business when these ricers from the next town over raid our main street and wanna make some noise. (there was an MR2, a Celica, a 240SX, and an Eclipse) Well, they see us in the GT and start harassing us. I told her to take me to my car so I could follow her around and we could show these punks who's boss in our town. LoL
Well, she left the parking lot before I did, and these ricers were coming down the street towards us, so I pull out in front of them (essentially cutting them off) and I had it floored and I guess my right tire hit a little patch of gravel and started spinning like crazy, I think I might have had it up to 4000rpm in first before I let off and let my car get traction. But by that time, she had already made the u-turn at the end of the street and was flying back at around 90mph, roaring her Flowmaster 40 series (I told her to get those :hihi: ) past these rice bombs and we both end up pulling over in front of our crowd, she's got her Shaker 1000 blasting some Nickelback, and I pull in behind her.
These punks come up to us and start talking all sorts of crap about how they could beat us and they wanted to race for 20 bucks "if we could keep up" were their exact words. LOL
Well, of course we both said, "NO" cause seriously... 20 bucks? Not even worth it. Well, they didn't like that very much, and they thought they'd be cool and threaten our cars with a vandalism threat. At this, we both got in our cars, she dropped it into first at what sounded like 3000rpm and smoked the hell-o out of her tires, left two beautiful stripes on the road. I hopped in my V6, powerbraked, and left in as much of a huff as possible ( i mean, c'mon... I know I was embarassing myself, but it was SO fun )
They knew where to meet us, and we waited.
We waited
and we waited.
15 minutes went by and they didn't show up, so we headed back out to main street to see what was up.
Friend of ours told us that they got in a little huddle after we made our 'exit' and that they drove off towards their town.
Nobody seems to be able to back up what they say about thier cars.
Its WAY better to just shut up and let the car do all the talking. :hihi:

Anywayz, just thought I'd share a couple of my stories :D
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LOL, drama! I got a bunch of brochures for the local track in my car... so for most (unworthy) asking if I have the kiwis to go I hand them one and tell them my phone number is on there...
at the local speed shop there is a propane injected dualie that does something like high 9's on the quarter mile it's a monster
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