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strange overheating issues

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I have a 1995 Mustang GT stock everything. I started having overheating issues. It had a timing cover coolant leak and so I changed the timing cover gasket, water pump and placed all new hoses. Tomorrow I will flush it but it is still getting hot, especially when I turn on the A/C. Also have a new thermostat in.

Also after replacing the gaskets Its still leaking in the exact same spot just above the right hand side coolant passage. I used rtv all around the ports just to ensure it would not leak and let it sit overnight before adding coolant so the rtv had time to set up. I think there could possibly be a blockage inside the coolant passage in the block on that side. Any ideas?
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Which way did you put the thermostat? Did you squeeze the hoses after you run the car to temp and fill with cap off?
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