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Streetablity of 514 CID?

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I have been thinking of going for a 347 stroker on my 302 block, but I just read an ad in the back of MM&FF from CHP that lists a 514 shortblock! I went to CHP's website, and couldn't find it, anywhere! I was wondering if anyone know where I could find any information on them, or somewhere else where they are sold?

Also, just how streetable an engine of this size would be?

PS: Couldn't imagine the expression on peoples faces when they ask "That thing got a 5 oh?" and I say "Naa, just a 514" :D.
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Streetability really depends on the camshaft and the tune. Are you planning on running EFI or carb?

Not because of price, but rather because even though I am studying to be a computer tech, I know nothing about a cars EFI system :sosad: .
Imagine the gas mileage a carbed 514 would get...
Weekend/fun car :D

I'm getting a Honda for a DD.
Then who cares about streetability, go for broke! :drink:
think about the added weight on the front end
He said it was still a shortblock, shouldn't be too bad...
Shortblock 514..... not smallblock :D

Actually, i've really been considering pulling a 460BB out of a old LTD, cleaning it up, and dropping it in..... Just can't make up my mind :(
I'm not sure if this is what you are talking about, but there is a 514 Crate Engine available from ford racing. You can find it at
I currently have a built 514 big block to put in a 91 coupe, but since its not in yet, I guess I can't comment on the actual streetability of it, but really, ghostdog said it best that really all that matters is the cam and tune, and your convertor/gears if your running auto. I'm running a C6 (regretfully, which I would have got a tight c4)

I didn't get the shortblock from chp or ford, just got a donor 460 block and stroked and bored with Scat crank, eagle rods, JE pistons, then blue thunder heads.

If I had to do it again, I would buy the shortblock or the longblock from one of the retailers.

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