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I paid about $1000.00 and did the following:

1.Add a Mach 1 blackout panel with the outer 1/4" stripe done on my hood. then Clearcoat the entire hood (2 coats)
2. Remove, paint, and clearcoat the rocker panels.
3. Remove, paint and clearcoat the rear spoiler.
4. Remove the rear valence and painted the lower lip.
5. Paint, clearcoat and install a CDC chin spoiler.
6. Paint, clearcoat and install a Xenon hood scoop.

I installed the CDC rear window spoilers myself, and the lower stripes are in - so back I go.:laughlitt
Parts added about another $800.00, and the vinyl door stripes should be about another $100.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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