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Stripes and Decals

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Hey everyone. Just picked up my 2006 GT. This is the first Mustang that I've owned since my 1980 P.O.S. and I have to say that it's a blast to drive.

I'm considering adding some decals but am not familiar with the quality and completed look (up close). I really like the rocker stripes and back panel filler as seen here:

Has anyone used the Graphic Express stuff? I know that the best way to do this is to paint and clearcoat but I'm thinking of trying this for now.
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I used Baltimore Strret mods. the stripes were made from 3M material, and the had the best prices.
I think decals, especially the new ones, look fine for a while. Especially if they're well cared for. I went with paint and clearcoat (check my gallery for pics) because I didn't want the fading or the wax line that typically gathers in the corners of the decals. Having said that, the newer decals are thinner and less prone to buildup. They also have better UV protection. The debate over paint vs. decals has been argued elsewhere in this forum. I knew what I wanted and made it permanent with paint, but others have made a good point in that with a decal you can experiment or get used to a certain look without a lot of hassle, then add paint if you want later.

Personally, I don't care for the gt badging on the stripe. It looks like they're trying to make the car into something it's not. I have to call my bodyshop back and make the appointment to add similar, plain stripes in silver. Then there's a local place that can custom make the lettering for the word "mustang" using the original 1960's font which I'll apply in a similar location to the one you've linked to.
So having said all that, go for it. That's what makes it fun. If you don't like it, so something different!:winks
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I put on a plain rocker stripe, then I bought some Ford oval vinyl decal and put behind the front wheel. I didn't want to put the gt 350 decal either.
Yeah, I hear ya on the GT badging. I'm also considering a stripe with a small 'MUSTANG' like:
That's what I'm talking about:evilchuck . Perfect!
Lots of Mods with Stripes

myltlpny said:
That's what I'm talking about:evilchuck . Perfect!
Check it out! From Auto Trim Design. Not a 3M product but its excellent quality and does NOT harm the paint if you want it removed. Paid around $165 for the stripe kit and $100 to have them installed. Live in NYC.
If I like it after a year or so I'll have them painted on for around $1600


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I'm looking for a good, authentic looking Boss style strip for my '05 GT. I really like the 69-70 Boss 302 stripes and am having a hard time finding anyone who makes hood and side stripes that match that style correctly. If I can get custom text that would be great too. Instead of saying "BOSS 302" I would like it to say "BOSS 4.6" to match my license plate.
Where in NYC did yea get it done,,,,and did they supply the strips?JT
Johnnytuinals said:
Where in NYC did yea get it done,,,,and did they supply the strips?JT
Ordered stripe kit from ebay. Auto Trim Design is the name of the seller. They have alot of different options now also for the stangs. Had them put on by a company called Custom Graphics located in north Manhattan on the 600 block of Riverside Drive near the subway entrance on 125th St.
I have the Baltimore Street Mods ones and they are great. The material is very easy to work with, as well as forgiving when installing. It only took me two days to do the car, and yes, I took my time with it.
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