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strut mount help.

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My 2012GT's strut mount are starting to rattle and I understand they are not the best to start with. I'm looking for replacement recommendations.
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Unless you want to replace your struts too, I would just get some more stock mounts and replace them.
J&M Caster Camber plates would be the next cheapest option... Stock would be best if you havent lowered the front of your car.
I haven't lowered the front so i guess stock replacements are the way to go.
Depending on how many miles you have on your car, maybe it is about due for some new struts? Because you are going to need to take the strut assembly apart to change the mounts. Maybe you want to upgrade the mounts and struts at this time. Heck maybe you want to lower your car now.
would love to lower the car BUT because its a daily driver in Buffalo, NY, lower and snow don't work. I would become the neighborhood snow plow. tooth.gif
If you were made of money then you could go with a coilover suspension that you can adjust ride height for different seasons and occasions or an airlift suspension that you can merely push a button.
alas, I'm not
All above recs are excellent, I'll add my two cents. Get the ford racing P springs. They barely lower the car, but the handling is amazing when combined with a nice shock (bilstein, Koni STR, Koni yellow, etc). The P springs are meant for 2005-2010 which opens the door for the Gt500 mounts. I have the K springs with koni yellows (Ks are same as P, just lower), the handling and ride is AMAZING!

Good Luck.
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Another option are the GT500 mounts with 05-10 front struts.
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