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Stuck valve?? Exhaust is pulling backwards

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What all makes the exhaust suck backwards.

I have no exhaust leaks. Im figuring a stuck valve, but which side intake/exhaust?

Compression test was bad, but could it be anything else. All cylinders pumped up about the same.
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If you still have the stock H pipe, a misfire will cause the same symptoms as a valve not seating. I just checked my 96 gt and that's what it was doing. I searched last night for other causes and quite a few people had a misfire and when that was fixed it was back to normal.
Yeah, but he failed a compression test.

I don't know how a valve would "stick". The cam will push it open and the spring will push it shut. It mostly likely a burnt valve.

A collapsed lifter or broken spring would be fairly catastrophic and have more symptoms in the way of unmistakeable engine noises/damage.

Bad ring(s) can fail a dry compression test, but I don't think they cause exhaust reversion. Did you do a wet compression test? If you get more compression wet, it is generally rings.

Do you have adjustable rocker arms?
A rocker arm adjusted too tight can cause issues.
How are your o2 sensors?
They go bad, you run rich.
Well, you mention it is an auto and shifting poorly...

Make sure the TV cable is adjusted properly so you don't burn up the tranny. A misadjusted cable will do it quick. Just a heads up.

Another thing that can affect tranny shifts is the speed sensor.

Is the tranny acting up new, or are you saying it just shifts poorly for your personal taste?
Sorry, I was thinking Fox, not SN95.

I had a 94 AODE GT that my son has now, and doing some research, it seems Ford programmed the computer on SN95 cars to shift REALLY lazy to protect the tranny.

My son got a Bama chip and the shifting is day and night from stock. Really agressive, so the tranny does have potential.
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