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Stuff in Dallas this past weekend

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I don't know if there are in folks in the Dallas area who read this, but Dallas Mustang near Garland had a big open house this weekend. It was a little over-hyped in my opinion, but I was there early.

They had about 5 or 6 -- 65 - 67 Mustangs, maybe 10 -- 69-73 Mustangs, about a dozen or so 90's models, and one black 05 GT with a custom stripe. Not much to see for the 05 or 06 crowd, but it was really great to see those early 70's models. Oh, they did have a Ford GT on hand, pretty cool to see up close.

They had advertised free food, but I didn't see any, and they had a raffle, but you had to be present to win and it seemed pretty unorganized.

It was really cool to stand out in the parking lot and listen for the rumblings of several cool Mustangs drive up and down the road, including several 05's.


I made a run out to the State Fair today. Expected maybe to see an 07 Shelby Cobra prototype or something. Absolutely dissappointing. All they had was an 06 GT convertable and a v6 hardtop. No hints of anything to come. Of course they had a Ford GT on display, but I had already seen that the day before.

I did stop at the GMC truck display with my father who has an 06 Chevy 2500 HD on order. After asking a few questions, the guy asked us to fill out a survey and they gave us some cool GMC baseball caps, not cheapies, but really good ones. If you go, it's definately worth checking for.
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I have been waiting to check out Dallas Mustang, but I was hoping I would have my Mustang by now, Have you had any work done there? if so, your opinion?
I haven't bought anything there or had anything done there, but a guy I work with bought a lot of parts for his 65 there. He said they had great stock and good customer service, but it's all hearsay.
I almost bought my XCAL2 from Dallas Mustang, but luckily did a bit of checking before I did. They wanted $189 for it and only gave you one tune and they wanted $100 for each additional tune. I was talking to SCT on the phone about some technical stuff regarding the XCAL2 and mentioned what DM had told me. The SCT guy was quite surprised. I wound up getting the XCAL2 for around $150 with three tunes from another source, so I'd be a little leery about the prices at DM, however if you are looking for parts for older cars, they do seem to have a good selection and are knowledgeable about the cars.
so who did you go to for the work, if you dont mind my asking?
I should have looked closer....VMP tuning, are they in Dallas?
No, VMP is in Florida and they specialize in V6s. The SCT tech told me they had very good tech support and so far that has proven to be true. The website is I'm sure they can fix you up with V8 Tunes, but go to their site and e-mail Justin. The price on the website is more than I paid, but when I called and talked to Justin (by landline) he said there was a special at $159. E-mail him and tell him you talked to Pyrat and you were wondering if the $159 price was still in effect. Let me know how it comes out if you decide to buy from VMP.
I sent an email to VMP last night and Justin replied to me today. Seems a long way off $159.

"Hi, I can do 379+10 shipping for the custom programmed x-cal2s, that
includes an 87, and 91-93 oct perf tunes. That includes user adjustable
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