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Stupid question

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Ok I know this is a stupid question, but when I change my tranny mount do I HAVE to remove the crossmember or can I just jack the tranny up a little? 88 lx T5. Thanks:worship
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Not a stupid question, a good one. I don't think you will be able to raise the transmission up far enough to make room to slip the mount's studs out of the crossmember. But, I have never tried your proposal. Maybe someone else can speak from experience. If not, you're just going to have to be our guinea pig. :gringreen
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I don't think you have enough room to change the mount without at least removing one side of the cross member.

Place the jack underneath the transmission and jack it up enough to remove the weight from the cross member, loosen one side and let the cross member fall, then replace the transmission mount. Put the cross member back and you're off and running...

That's if my memory is serving me correctly...:bigthumbsup
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okay I'll try today and let you guys know, btw HAPPY THANKSGIVING GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
no stupid questions only stupid people..... hahaha just kidding i'm sorry couldn't help myself
Glad you asked, I have to do mine this weekend too! Let us know how it went.....
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