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Subwoofer Amp configuration help

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So im preparing to buy my first audio setup for my car. Im taking out the mach 460 all together and replacing everything.

Heres what im trying to do I need to know if i can do this and if it would sound good.

I want 4 subs...2 in custom trunk box
2 where the rear deck speakers were.
Im planning on using 2 seperate 2 channel amps or 1 4 channel amp. based on my calculations it should work but i don't really know

2 Sony Xplod XS-L12S shallow mount
Sony Xplod XS-L12S Shallow-mount 12" 4-ohm subwoofer at

they have a mounting depth of 3-1/8th so it should fit


2 Infinity Reference 1252W for the trunk
Infinity Reference 1252w 12" subwoofer with dual 4-ohm voice coils at

-the sony xplods have a slightly higher rms so if you have any other amp ideas please share.

My ideas for amps are
1 4 channle Infinity Kappa Four
Infinity Kappa Four 4-channel amplifier — 125 watts RMS x 4 at
according to crutchfield i should have a 2 ohm load if they are all on a sperate channel. Unless its 8 ohm because i have to multiply. I have no idea. So i think each one would get either 125-150 which is about half of top rms


2 Clarion dpx2251 2 channel amps
Clarion DPX2251 2-channel car amplifier — 180 watts x 2 at
It says at 2 ohms they would each get 300 which is signifigantly more power but i think my math is wrong somewhere.

Please help i want to get this project underway ASAP :happyhapp



The rest of the speakers and HU are for a different discussion for now im only worried about my subs. Also if you think that is way too much overkill just say so. It probably is but i really like the subs on the reardeck and subs in the trunk it all looks cool so i wanted both but i don't want to be that guy that drowns out everyone elses music.
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Xplods are priced good, but their lonengevity arent nearly as good. 2 1200Watt Kickers will have you covered. Shallow woofers have less travel and bottom out wayyyyyyyyyyyyy too easily.
Would it be easier if i just spent some time and pulled out all the mach 460 wiring or would it be possible to hook up 4 new speakers and a new head unit to the factory wiring?
You can hook it all up with the factory wires with an adapter. The inside speakers just need splicing or run some wires, It's easy enough.

I have had the same setup for 3 or 4 years and it's still going strong. I got (in my 05' Town & Country) 2 12" AUDIOBAHN 1200Q/700w RMS and a MMATS 2000w Class D amp.

Audiobahn AW1200Q 12" High-Excursion (AW 1200Q) 12" Component Subwoofers Car Subwoofers Car Audio, Video, & GPS Navigation - Sonic Electronix

Mmats Pro Audio

The woofers I have are discontinued but they don't make them like mine anymore. And the amp is 1 of the first MMATS amps. But they both still kick a**. Check them out.:bigthumbsup
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