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suggestions for fixing height difference (Left/Right) in rear of 65 mustan

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Hey guys, here's a quandry for you...:scratchchin

We have a '65 200 - 6 that's been in the family for 20+ years, but sat up for the last 10 or so. We have recently done a front end disc brake swap-out (v8 style) and replaced the rearend with a 9" from a '67. Got new Rims/Tires, and found out that our leaf springs were bad. We replaced those, and put new shocks on all 4 corners. The new Heavy Duty leaf springs did a great job, and lifted the rear nearly 4 inches. (Looks sweet with 205/60/15's on the front and 255/60/15's on the rear!) However, I am noticing that the passenger side rear is 1 1/8'' lower than the drivers side, Measuring on a level surface, from the ground to the center of the wheel well.

Anyone have any ideas on how I can remedy this? Its really not a problem until you have passengers in the car, and then the rear tires rub a bit on the passenger side when you turn etc..

I have thought about Rolling out the fender wells, which should help with the rub, but not with the height difference.

Hopefully someone can shed some light for me!
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You will have to work out why it is different.
Are the springs not set the same or is there some other difference between one side & the other.
It sounds like there is a problem with your new springs. I would hope you would fix the problem and not ruin the car by rolling the fender wells.
Upon further review and careful measuring, the issue looks to be with the body, not the springs...

The passenger rear quarterpanel looks to have had quite a bit of work done, and will probably need to be replaced before I get it fixed... darn it all..
Could always tweak the suspension a little to hide it.
Could always tweak the suspension a little to hide it.
Ah! That's what I'm looking for... :bigthumbsup
How on earth would I go about doing that? :scratchchin

Are there any products on the market that will give me an inch or so boost? As I mentioned before, I have recently done new Heavy Duty Springs, and Shocks... Possibly some sort of fill plate between the Leaf springs and Spring mounts???
You will probably have to do a one-off, it's not really a standard or recomended mod. Just do something that can be changed back when you are in a position to fix it properly.
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