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Suggestions on a Set up

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hey everyone... well ya... right now i just have a deck and 2 side speakers in my car and the rest is stock.... my deck is a Kenwood 180 watt deck (45x4)... i can get the exact name of it if it helps anyone and the 2 ( i think) 6x8 pioneer speakers that are 150 watts each... i would like to know what a good set up for my 94 mustang would be... thats not gonna cost me too much... like are my speakers and deck fine and if i add 2 back speakers and an amp and woofers would my stereo sound pretty good or do i need better speakers and a better deck and if possible could you guys recommend what brand of what to get... thanks
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If you are going to add more speakers being pushed by the Kenwood, just remember that you can only have four, one on each channel. Stereos do not like to be run in 2 ohm. I would add a amp and some subs. What size of subs depends on the thump you want. The amp will be driven off what you decide for subs.

Do you want trunk space?
What kinda music do you listen to?
What is the budget you are talking?

I spent about 2k on my system, but I was brought up in a family where sound quality was important! I made sure I can hear every freq clearly.
I spent 300 on my set up, I have the stock mach 460 and just added a 12" Kicker Comp CVR in a small sealed box with a Performance Technique 1200watt amp. I only wanted more of a full sound so I don't turn the amp more than 1/4 of the power up, anymore than that and it overpowers the stock speakers.
For your set up...check and see what the rms watts per channel is on your kenwood head unit. That is the sound you will hear all the time, the 45 peak watts are what it could push out at just one time...the rms number is how loud it will sound constantly...anything more than 20 watts rms inside your car is enough to have your ears ringing for a while. If that's not enough for you, and you want the whole block to hear every word said in your music, I'd either add a 4 channel amp to power the inside speakers, or get a head unit with more watts per channel...
remember your speakers are only as good as whatever powers even stock speakers sound better with a better head unit...
amp the speakers and another one for subs... that's what i have and sounds great... i used also a preamp to control it... just check the rms of the speakers to choose the amp ... and if you want subs also check the rms to get the correct amp
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