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Super Charge a Mach?

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Hey everyone, I was talking to a buddy of mine about our stangs. He has an 07 GT and I have the 04 Mach. He was talking about using an SC on GT and the wheels started turning.

So here is the question, despite not having forged internals, would it be safe/reliable to boost the car up to 5 or 8lbs? Would the internals take it or would I have a pile of molten metal? I know that the GTs can make upwards of 420hp with a SC and while the Mach is fast, here in Colorado the altitude can take its tole. Thanks for any advice.
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You should be safe running low boost, but that also depends on which supercharger you were looking into. Make sure you ge tthe intercooled kit and a safe tune on it and you are good.
i say if you go with a whipple or Saleen S/C you should be good with an intercooled one. They are two of the safest S/C out there but remember this, "ITS ALL IN THE TUNE!!!"

bad tune, pile of scrap for an engine
I was thinking of going with a roots style and try to retain the shaker functionality.

And do you guys know about how much they run, I was thinking around 5K but I wasnt sure.
My Kenne Bell kit cost me bout 5k, might be just a lil more for a mach 1 kit. But everything you need comes with it. I would strongly recommend this blower, go witht the 9psi kit if ya look into it.
if your going to put a sc on it might as well throw good internals in it....if its a manual mach you already have the good come with the cast crap all you will need is rods pistons and rings
9psi should put him well over the 400 mark.. might be playing on barrowed time. if anything run somthing like 6psi.
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