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Choices choices. Next month I am buying my mustang. Im working the numbers trying to decided if I wana get a V6 or a V8 stang. Anyways im still looking over the performance possiblities of the 6 and ive got a couple questions.

Im looking at getting a 2003 or 2004 V6 automatic.

My first set of upgrades is going to be programer, CAI and exhaust. I know im looking at about 400 for the predator tuner. I know CAI will run me around 200ish. Now when it comes to exhaust things get a bit fuzzy so we will come back to that.

Once I have the basic big 3 done with it looks like I have 2 options. I can either do a mountain of bolt on stuff that will show moderate improvements across the board. Or I can get a supercharger. So the here is the pile of supercharger questions.

Inital cost? Im seeing about $3,500 for the Procharger kit are there cheaper?

Can they be found less expensive?

How difficult is installation?

With no other modifications how much psi boost am i looking at running?

With the 3 above mods and the supercharger installed what is an estimated hp/tq that id be looking at?

Also how will the supercharger affect gas milage?

Now if I were to go the supercharger route what would I want exhaust wise? Just a cat back system or would I want to replace everything including going up to headers, Xpipe on back?
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