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SInce yoiu paid about 30,000 for the GT I would just buy a Supercharger. I wouldn't risk voiding the warranty. If you were planning on doing an engine swap you could have bought a V6 and saved 10 thousand. If you chose asupercharger I reccomend a Kenne Bell Twin Screw kit. It isn't out yet but should be soon. It should give you about 450 at 9 psi. and close to 600 at 14 psi. To the rear wheels. Thats about as much or more than you would get out of the 514 ci Crate. And it will cost about $1,000 less. You could also buy other assecceries from Kenne Bell and get it up to maybe 625rwhp. They may even come out with a Blowzilla kit which can get 20+psi. Also Twin Screw s/c get great power right off idle. Not like centrifical or turbos that don't get noticable power until the mid rpm range. Just my opinion
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