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Supercharger Vs. Crate Motor

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As I gear up for some performance enhancements it occurred to me that for the price of Most intercooled superchargers plus labor & a few other goodies I can almost pay for a crate motor . Totally love this motor , Too bad it's the 15K motor :weeps

On top of that Stroker Big Blocks range from
5700-7500 ( don't know if they would fit in the engine bay )
but they put out some serious hp & torque 520 hp & 620 lbs for the $7500 top of the line big block stroker.

5500 -7K you can get a 5.0 liter SB stroker w/ either 400 or 450 HP

Price of a SC w/ Labor

Curious what opinions are...Seems Ok to be able to save your Stock motor & beat up a "Crater" :evilchuck
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How much is the cammer car out of curiosity ??

Yeah I hear ya the Saleen seems to be the most logical although lots of choices posted ...gets me a little :kooky:

Just seems wacked that a S/C can run as much as a crate engine :confused:

Now on the other hand ..say I do go w/the saleen ..How would changing the X-Pipe , say cat back ..etc..effect the program from saleen ? Can you tune to specs beyond just what he S/C does ?

Hey I'm a novice with these High tech gizmo's . I'm still stuck on Bore it out & add another 4 bbl . From cars that never had cats to begin with .:dunce:
R3dF1r3 said:
or just get a body in white with the cammer...

as long as you got the bux, you can make anything work.
I think the Saleen or Vortech is the easiest solution.
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