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Will a supercharger effect my emission test needed in my region every 2 years?? Kenne Bell suggested Sean Hyland Motorsports in Woodstock to do install of there products in my area.Are they a good company?
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You should have no problems passing emissions. I believe all after-market blowers are 50 state emissions legal.
You'll be fine with a S/C for emmissions.

Sean Hyland is well known in the modular Mustang world - you can trust them for sure.
Great company IMHO. Shouldn't be a problem unless you live in Cali and they don't have carb certificate. Good luck.
SHM is definately dead on when it comes to looking for anyone with performance in mind. a bit pricey i think but you get what you pay for. s/c kits that are out for the market now have street legal smog emissions in mind so i dont see a problem with that. unless you buy the hardcore power adders. like i IHI blower.

I have made up my mind,i am going with a Kenne Bell 9 psi intercooled supercharger.I will have Sean Hyland Motorsports do the install,they were referred by Kenne Bell to do the install, everyone said these are the go to guys when you want the best.I called them & Sean Hyland called me back personally,answered all my questions,assured me the surgery would go smoothly & he did not brag or try to sell me on anything,gave me the pro's & con's of different ones & that was it.Thank You for all your input guys.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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