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Supercharging&brakes quesions

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Hi from Russia,

I've got 4.6 96 GT. I'm about of some performance modifications now and really need your advice.

1) Supercharger selection.

I preffer to install twin screw type supercharger and I've found only two offers in the net

2nd is a little bit cheaper but I'm afraid to loose something that is not measured by the money...

2) What boost rate? 6 or 9?

The engine is fully stock and after supercharging I may use 92 or 95 octane fuel. Will it be enough for not pinging?

3) Brakes.

I'm also planning to replace stock front brakes for 13" brembo kit. As a know not all 18" weels offered for Mustangs fit with that kit. How can I find out fit it or not? I like something like that or

Thanks a lot for your comments
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I would stick with the KB, there know for great products and awesome customer service. You can order any pully size you want it doesn't have to be 6 or 9, a lot of guys on here will tell you not to go over 8psi until you do some internal work. As for pinging, 95 octane should be plenty for just about as far as you want to go with the motor. I've heard of people running 16psi with 93 octane. Brakes I can't help you with, maybe meatball or somebody will chime in. Good luck with the car.
Cone-2, Hello!
How many Mustangs are there in Russia?

Thanks you for replies.

I see I'm on the right way wiht the boost but still in doubt wiht the kit.

Due to the long way from US I'm not be able any way to use customer service etc.

So it's probably no use for me to pay additional 600-700 dollars.

The key point is that someone can say: "Don't buy this. It's a [email protected] because...."

But I've read good recomendations on both kits on this site...

Another point that I heard that KB doesn't fit with the stock hood. Is that truth?

I think that there are approximately 60-70 Mustangs in Russia. The major of them are 93-98 and 95% are in Moscow. Cobras and other years are rare and totaling up to 10-15. I know only 3 supercharged: 2 whith KB and one with some centrifugal SC.

May be 2 or 3 are the latest model line. To buy it here you should pay not less than 50 kilo dollars:sosad: (the major of it - custom duties- thanks Putin). Surprized?!

There is a Mustang club in Russia

see "ÃÀËÅÐÅÈ" link. There are some cool cars photo.

Good luck
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Welcome to the site and good to see soemone from Russia with the love.

The KB unit is getting great reviews for the SOHC. Should be a straight plug and play install. I'd still get it tuned.
I've never heard of Allen S/C systems, but after looking at the set up I see they're using the eaton supercharger. Eatons S/C runs hotter than twin screws (Kenne Bell) and result in more parasitic loss therefore producing less HP/TQ than the KB, but the Allen system does come with a intercooler which is a big plus. Personally I would go with the KB if no other reason than that they have a good reputation and a lot of 03' &04' cobra owners switch from the stock S/C (Eaton) to a Kb.
about the boost psi. it is safe to run 8 psi on a stock engine. you dont have to do any internals to run more though. you just need bigger injectors. why dont you like centrifugal superchargers?
welcome to the site.....i love the fact that there is some stang love in Russia....i would recommend the KB kit over the allen.....both can be ordered with intercoolers but i have heard nothing but great things about the KB kit.....also, how many miles does your car have and can it withstand high boost pressure....i would stick with about 6psi if it is a high mileage motor....i am pretty sure that the KB fits under the stock far as the brakes, i think that the 18's your interested in will clear the brakes....good luck with the stang....also, what part of russia are u in??
The kenny bell is a much better product, I would get that. I hope you have some way of dyno tuning the car out there. Otherwise you are gonne be in sh!t city. You MUST get a dyno tune. 95 octane will be plenty... You will be able to run more timing and make more power then what we use over here (91 Octane). But you also need to wonder if the fuel is the same or not.
Thanks for your comments.

OK. Let it be the KB. My car has about 20K miles (I bought it from some rich [email protected] who cannot handle it and the major of life the car was in garage).

So I'll probably stick with 8 psi. If by dyno tuning you mean the reprogramming a computer in respect of best fit of air/fiel mix and timing at different RPM this may be a real problem here in Moscow... And its not a [email protected] problem... It's just a car problem... but I just need to find out the ways (definitely no one do it with Mustangs but do with Russian, Japanees or German cars). And us I understand I additionanlly need to buy EEC tuner for that procedure?

Cleaning the brakes is not the only problem with Brembo kit. I know the man who bought 18" wheels (but not from a mustangs site) and to install it to the car he had to install spacers cause wheels catched brake calipers...
That is my fear... It will be very difficult to exchange the weels and I don't want the spacers... Also what to choose drillled, slotted or plane rotors?

Why not centrifugal...

Just cause if two equivalent cars but one with centrifugal and another with twin screw or roots both with same top psi would race 1/4 miles...
OK... I think you can predict the results...

Good luck
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