A new survey says that the American dream car is the Ford Mustang.

The survey from automotive aftermarket chemical manufacturer Gold Eagle talked to 2,000 people to ask what dream car they imagined themselves driving. Top of the charts, the Ford Mustang.

Number two on the list is a bit of a surprise though. You might be expecting the Camaro or Corvette to take 2nd spot, but it's a little more high-tech than that. Tesla was the second most chosen dream car. The survey didn't ask people to narrow it down to a specific car, but it's probably a convertible with a V8 in the mind's eye.

The Mustang was also more popular with women than men. 61 percent of women picked it as their top car, compared with 39 percent of men. Less surprisingly, it was most popular in the Midwest and Southeast, with Tesla winning on the Pacific and in the Northeast. The Mustang was also tops with survey respondents who said they called themselves car experts.