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suspension change, Uneven stance!!

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I finally finished installing my suspension. Strange Engi. strut/shock ,FR-B springs and Hotchkins CAster/camber plates..after lowering my car, I noticed that the driver side is about 1/2 lower than the passenger side in the front..I didnt change my coil isolators, I reused the upper, and didnt put anything in the bottom..
Any idea why is my front driverside is lower than the passenger side?:headscratch:
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jerk the wheel doing like 50 and hit that 90 degree turn

let me know how it handles
you get better traction if your left front spring is a little lower
it might be a myth

BUT, ive heard of a bunch of people doing that on mustangs
theyll cut a little bit out of the front spring and it helps traction

Why would anyone do something like that........:shrug

That makes "ZERO" sense......

and is extremely dangerous......

Please consider the consequences of the bad advice given.....:nono:

I just wanna see how it handles, i was exaggerating about 50mph

BUT i love to see how people get mustangs to handle

Ive always wanted a cornering/handling mustang
wasnt offending, and the point of the message was to see how the performance was compared to stock
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again you prove my point under no circumstance should you cut springs

it will totally destroy the handling and the engineered rating of the spring

in layman's term the car will handle and ride like a farm wagon.....

You ever cut the springs before?
Cutting springs is CUTTING corners, if you don't have funds for a new set don't bother, buy a tire with a thicker sidewall, haha! And if you need to know chattanooga my German Vogtland 1.6 Springs with 4 Bolt Maximum Motorsports CC Plates are smooth as butter over bumps and throw in the IRS and she handles like a beast!! I'd never drive my car as aggressive with CUT Springs!

IRS is cheating :p

SRA is where its at man :) rode in a 03 cobra and we hit a big bump on the curvy mountain where i live and it was awesome.. stock suspension
so the IRS to start with is as smooth as butter.

So you cant really say anything because your starting with a 19k$ car as where us fox people have 3k$ cars lol
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