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suspension change, Uneven stance!!

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I finally finished installing my suspension. Strange Engi. strut/shock ,FR-B springs and Hotchkins CAster/camber plates..after lowering my car, I noticed that the driver side is about 1/2 lower than the passenger side in the front..I didnt change my coil isolators, I reused the upper, and didnt put anything in the bottom..
Any idea why is my front driverside is lower than the passenger side?:headscratch:
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...thx for the quick response..

yeah, I only took it around the block...well, I actually noticed this after I install the springs..thought it was just the factory alligning plate, coz it moved when I first loosen the nuts, and it sat outside for about a week..then now I finally got a chance to finish the suspension, and install the sturt and the camber plate..I tried to make some adjustment, but it didnt change!

I think ill take it for a ride, like you said, and see if itll settle..but, is this common?
...well, i just took it for a 5mile ride around town, and tried swaying it, just to shake it a bit off, i think the passenger side is about settled already, but the driver side is still about 1/4" lower than the passenger side...could this be just the position of the camber plate, and can be fix by allignment? i still need to replace my rack and pinion..its leaking to the boot...after that, ill take it for allignment., any idea why is the left front side of my car is lower than the right front side, and any suggestion on how to fix it? I tried moving the camber plate, but it doesnt seem to do anything.

I didnt transfer the stock bottom spring isolators on both side,
I only used the upper isolators.
-when I took the spring out, I lowered it from backside of the control arm, not from the balljoint.

any idea? pls?:headscratch:
I solved the problem!!!, i couldnt think of any reason why the height would be different on both side or the car, the spring is identical, same height and part number, so it should have the same rate.

so what I did is, I took the coil out again, and reposition it so sit on the higher spot of the A-arm, and that gave me the exact height I needed... Hopefully it doesn't...

this doesnt sounds like the perfect solution, but this is the only solution I can think of that worked. :shiny:

thx for those who gave thier input on this..
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