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Suspension questions, what to replace?

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Hello Bob, long time listener first time caller lol. I've done a lot of looking but couldn't seem to find quite the information I was looking for. I'm looking to redo my suspension I've settled on Koni Str.t struts, and was wondering what else to do, I've seen some things on bushings, and mounts, things of that nature. Do I go rubber or Poly? Do I do the springs or are they fine? Do I need to do mounts? I'm looking for upgraded handling and ride, nothing fancy, might add a rear sway bar later, no plans to lower it right now. but I figured while I have the struts off I should do the things that compliment it. It is my daily driver, but I like corners and I do occasionally drift. Car has 135k miles, I've done the ball joints and breaks are all brand new (calipers, pads, rotors, hoses, front and rear). So suspension was my next thought on what to fix, a car that doesn't handle well isn't safe. thank you in advance.

Here are links to what I'm looking at:
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What to replace while doing struts?

I'm looking at Koni Str.t struts, I've seen some things on bushings, should I do those as well, rubber or poly? I have already done ball joints and all things brakes, including calipers and hoses front and rear, I'm not looking for anything fancy, Whatever parts I use will be better than OEM, but what wears out commonly? Should I do mounts? springs? I'm looking for improved handling and ride. car is 03 v6 manual trans with 135k miles. Not looking to lower it right now, maybe adding a rear sway bar later. Thank you in advance.
alright thanks!! I'm not sure why it double posted, one was never suppose to go through :/ I'll definitely look at both of those, means saving up a little bit more money but thats alright, better done right.
It did not double post.You had 2 separate threads on the same subject,so i merged them together.
Oh. Thanks! I didn't realize it had posted twice. Wasn't trying to. I had written up 2 copies, don't know what I did wrong. Thanks for the help
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