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Suspension & Tech question, 1994 Mustang V6

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Hey all,

I have a 94 V6 auto. My suspension question is when the car hits a bump, or goes into a dip, the car shimmies from sided to side on the up bounce. Any clues? Secondly, is there a site where I can find some sort of compatability list as to which parts are interchangeable from what years? Thanks in advance.:bigthumbsup
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Rear sway bar and Subframe connectors will help fix this problem somewhat. The rear end is real light and likes to buck whenever it hits a decent bump.
Thanks for the info...what would be the issue if it were happening more in the front than the rear?
You can use nearly any suspension component from the 94-04 Mustang on your Mustang. The only things that won't work are the IRS parts for the 99+ Cobra's.

It could be many different things in the front. Is the car lowered or still at stock ride height?
Check your struts, tie rods, and ball joints. Jack it up and try to move the tire from side to side and up and down......
Thanks for the info..I will take a look over the answer your question the car is still riding at stock height...and as far as the compatability parts how much of the car is interchangeable within the 94-04 range?
To my knowledge all suspension parts are interchangeable except for the IRS parts for the rear end. A few parts might need a little nudge to get them on or off due to fitment issues but the 94-04 chassis is all the same. It is the SN95 chassis.

I would look at the tie rods or ball joints and the wheel bearings as shiner said. How many miles does the car have on it? The older cars will start to wear out and the parts will need replacing.
The car currently has 147K on the clock...
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