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svo e-brake brackets

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Does anyone have any pictures or a link for the parking brake brackets both on the axle and the caliper, been searching can't seem to really find anything usefull. Have an 84 svo we just got and all the brackets are gonzo nothing there except a cable.
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Found this not sure if helps at all.
Words I used in search net. SVO e-brake bracket. I looked in the images section instead of the other. I found this works pretty good. Saves alot of time going to site and no picture of what you want.
Engine Swap Brackets Photo 13
Also try this.
Turbo Coupe 8.8" swap into my SVO - Four Eyed Forums
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Perfect pictures just what I was looking for. Now to try and locate the brackets if anyone has a set that would be very nice not many salvage yards around here. Need that bracket that comes off the back of the caliper.
Thanx Maurice great pics too.
Now the search begins:)
Good luck and happy hunting. May have to make some if possible. Maurice
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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