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SVO Foglight Switch Repair and Relay Mod

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It is common for the foglight switches to basically melt since someone at Ford had decided running all the fog light current through the switch would probably save them a few pennies over putting relay in. Before throwing away the switch, you can rebuild them and replace the 12V bulb with an LED/resistor. A relay can easily be spliced in and added under the console where Ford had intended one to be anyways.

Schematic of Relay mod and switch LED add

Pic of melted switch toggle vs good one

Guts of a switch

If anyone is interested in rebuilding their switch, let me know. Outside of cleaning and some soldering for LED bulb replacement, the toggle has to be fabbed. I built mine from Teflon rod. If you are planning on throwing yours away, throw it my way. I can rebuild for someone else.


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Wow that's awesome! Some nice info I'm sure it's useful also for the other 79-86 mustangs? The 87-93 cars used a different switch but still didn't add that relay...
The 87-93 cars used a different switch but still didn't add that relay...
Fortunately, a lot of automotive switches can be dismantled and more than likely are repairable. Finding an OEM style replacement can prove difficult since used ones probably are burnt out or gummed up anyways.
Add to sticky. Thanks for the write up and info. Keep the good info coming and will add it.
Thanks Maurice
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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