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1998 Mustang here. So I decided to go ahead and install new swaybar bushings. Got the lefthand side (the worst of the two) done. The other side has a really frustrating problem.

While loosening the nut for the bracket, it became really difficult to continue to loosen it. So I put a little more force into it and felt a snap... the entire bolt was loose. Now I can't move the nut either way without the whole bolt moving. And I can't grab on to the bolt to hold it. The head of the bolt is inside the frame, no way to get to it. I assume it was welded in there and I snapped the weld.

Tried to pull down on the bolt with some pliers, the little bit of bolt below the nut, and try to wrench the nut, but no luck there. Anyone have any ideas?

I tightened everything else up and took it for a test drive, didn't get any clunking or weird noises or feelings. but I'm not really comfortable with it being loose like that.
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