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System Install Tomorrow

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Well i got my car a couple of sundays ago (2009 GT) and i'm gonna do the system tomorrow. What do you think. I'm putting in 12w3 JL Sub, 250/1 JL amp, and i'm thinking about kenwood excelion speakers. Should be pretty nice i think.

Quick question...what is the aux in arm rest for? There is a plug in there, what can i hook up to it?
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yea it should be real clear. not horribly loud but should be very nice... and your aux port will fit any 3.5mm thing (mp3 player, ipod, modern cell phone)
thats really cool to know it will do the ipod...thanks!
what model kenwoods? and no amp to drive the speakers? would be a waste imo
I went with JL TRs with the front and back. The shaker 500 is the power sourse...and the interiour speakers sound real good IMO. The shaker has an amp already with it so its not like i dont have any amped sound for the speakers. I have the JL amp 250/1 powering the 12W3 which sounds pretty nice in the car. I was listening to Asher Roth's A Milli freestyle and it was nuts how it was slamming in the car. I also picked up the ipod plug for the armrest.

I have a JL e4300 4 channel amp if anyone needs one
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