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Brand new here. Pardon me for getting straight to the point. I have a '66 200 cid, i6 with a dual pattern block, which means I was able to put a '67 and later bellhousing on the car with a 3.03 three speed attached.

Now I'm wanting to convert it to a T-5. I read somewhere that the 4cyl T-5 with 3.97 first gear, etc. would work best with my stock 3.20 differential. Would like to get some thoughts from anyone who has converted a 200, or other inline 6 cycl to a T-5?

I am hoping to gain some information from the Ford Six Performance Forum, but for some reason have not been able to get my account activated. So, I was hoping there might be some 200 enthusiasts here that could help?

Many thanks for your time!
I just did this swap a couple months ago with a 4cyl T5 but I also put in an 8" rear with 3.00 gears. I bought the adapter plate and crossmember from an online place. Found a driveshaft on craigslist, I bought a new speedo cable and gear from Modern Driveline.
I think 3.00 is pretty ideal for the steep 1st gear though. With the 3.20 you might be shifting into 2nd very fast. I wouldn't go any lower than the 3.20 gearset with the first gear that the 4cyl T5 has.
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