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T top gt taking a shot at fixing the leaks

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Its spring and I'm going to try to reduce or eliminate the T-Top water leaks in my 1987 GT.

In the past I've replaced all of the door and t-top rubber seals and replaced the bushings in the door hinges. This made it better but when it rains I still get a wet a$$.
Primarily the leak lands on the (seat back) and runs down the to the bottom cushion.

Here is my Game Plan.

1. Remove the door and rebuild the hinges again.
I'm going to replace the bushings again and use brazing to fill in the egg shaped top bushing holes in the hinge.
I'm also going to repair the spring in the hinge as well.

2. align the door to the body so everything closes nice and easy and the door gap is even or as even as I can get it.

3. Replace the Door glass bracket retainers to tighten up the windows

4. The window guides have been replaced and are in good condition

5. Replace the door seals and T-Top seals with new seals

Have I missed anything or do you have anything I should consider?

Also, have you done this before and had some success?
Tips or tricks?

thx in advance

Jim :)
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using a thin piece of paper, place it in the seams with the glass/door closed gently pulling so you can evaluate the "tension"....when it gets loose, you will know that is where the leak source is.
Beechkid thx for the tip
I'm also trying to determine if part of my problem is the top doesn't drain properly. The water collects on top instead of running off before I replace the seals I'm going to use your suggestion. :)
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