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T2 GT grille

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Anyone ever install one of these grille kits?
05 06 07 08 09 Mustang V6 GT Grille & Fog Lights Grill on (item 220631894504 end time 13-Jul-10 16:18:15 EDT)
Looks interesting and the price is right. They modify an OEM grille,
seems to be a good alternative to the GT type grilles available on AM and Mr. Bodykit which seem cheap in quality and the spacing of the fog lights dont look right either.
Any experiences,comments and pics would be appreciated.
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At $450 though, you are starting to get into the area where it's just as cost effective to buy a stock GT bumper and stock GT grill, have the bumper painted and then install it all yourself.
Looked this one.

Back a couple of months ago when I was looking at various styles and vendors of grills, I did see that one on ebay. The company has a loaction that is local to me. They service several local dealers.

I went down there and spoke with them and looked at the parts. They do a good job. I ened going with a pony package grill that I found on ebay. (that style was my preference).

The price has gone up, it was $260-something when I saw it a couple of months ago. This grill does have the benefit of being the same size as the V6 grill and will go in no problems. I think the spacing of the lights has to with a clearance issue.
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