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T45 Transmission replacement.

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So my tranny in my 97 GT is having what seems to be synchro problems.

So I have two options, rebuild it (which I can do myself)


I saw a T45 from a 96 Cobra for sale with 86k on it for $400

Now with either option I'd replace the clutch, pressure plate, machine the flywheel, get ford throwout bearings and what not.

I've hardly been able to find a rebuild kit for the T45 and the ones I have found either look sketchy or theyre close to $400 too.

IF I go with the T45 from the Cobra, What things should I be weary of? Or are their anything I'll need to change or swap or whatever?

Any advice as soon as possible would be really helpful. Thanks!
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I would not go for a COBRA T-45. There is no difference in the GT T-45 and the COBRA T-45 except that the cross member is in a different spot, the speedometer gear has 7 teeth instead of 8, and as a COBRA, it will have been beat to #[email protected]$^.

If you are going to swap for a used T-45 the later ones were made better. Find one from a 2001 GT. Swap the tail housing and the speedometer gear and you are good to go!

In 1999 they changed the front retainer sleeve for one that isn't likely to break, made the forks stronger (but still not strong enough), fixed the inherent issue with hanging up in reverse.

If rebuilding, maybe get just the pieces you need rather than a pricey kit.
New synchro rings for gears 1-4 will be T-56 rings with carbon fiber linings. Rings for gears 5 & R will be the 3-4 carbon fiber tings from a T-5.
I'm with SPeace on this, most @#%#%@ that own cobra's don't appreciate them for what they are. That tranny has been beat to hell, 10/1 odds it's been slammed through most of it's life. I always say build first with this kind of stuff. It's your personal touch or care that will ensure the best longevity of the tranny. Of course, i've always enjoyed the pleasure and feeling of accomplishment with building those types of things myself.
If u plan to keep your car for awhile and not add too much power then rebuild it that way u know whats done and that its dont right. If big power is in the future then look into something stronger.
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