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T5 Conversion

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I have a few questions I need help with. I am converting my 3 speed automatic transmission to a T5 on my 67. I have a new T5 and a late model bell housing. I have the pedal assembly and plan to do the clutch cable conversion. Either Mustang Steves or the one in all the mustang catalogs.
Can anyone tell me if my starter will work in this T5 bell housing? Also will my auto driveshaft work or will it need to be shortened? Will I be able to use a late model clutch fork.
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Hi! I converted my 68' Coupe to a T5. Only thing different is that I used a 4 speed bellhousing with the adaptor plate. With this setup I did not have to shorten my driveshaft. I'm pretty sure the starters are the same and will work. I use a starter from an 89' Mustang GT in my setup. If you are converting it to late-model bellhousing I think you can you the late-model fork too. Just watchout for clearance of headers (if you have em)
It would seem to me that you must use the late model clutch fork with the late model bellhousing. You do have the proper flywheel, correct? Remember that the late 302/5.0L has a different balance than your '67 does.
Your starter should bolt right in, the snout on the automatic starter is the same as the later model starters put in the fox mustangs. The driveshaft from my C4 worked fine with the T-5 and did not need to be shortened, thought you will have to check yours when you put it seems to vary a bit from car to car. With the cable setup you must use the late model clutch fork since the cable pulls the fork forwards and pivots on the passenger side of the bellhousing instead of the driver side like the old style linkage.

Good luck,

John H.
I have a question about the same conversion. I am installing the clutch/brake assembly and it seems like the brake push rod is too long. Is there a special shorter push rod I am supposed to use?
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