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tach delay at start up

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Has anybody ever experienced the same problem:

If I start up my stang in the morning, there is a 80% chance that the tach has about a 1 - 2 second delay compared to the motor starting.

I crank the motor, it fires up immediately. the tach still says 0 RPM. 1-2 seconds later the tach jumps up to the RPM the motor is running at. From then on, no more tach issues.

WTF is that?

Any help is appreciated.
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That is normal.
Even if that's normal, it su#!$.

The strange thing is that the tach did not do that when I first got my stang.
Found out what caused this Problem:

To big of a drop in voltage at start up. Changing the battery solved the problem! Now the tach works immeadiately.
If you guys have the same problem check out with a new battery first.
(Got my new motorcraft for only 60 bucks!!!)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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